About Our Breeding Program

We normally breed approximately one to three litters of puppies a year. We believe in quality not quantity. All of our Shiloh’s are registered with “The Shiloh Shepherd Registry”(TSSR). Ridgewood Shiloh Shepherds have been actively involved with the Shiloh Shepherd breed since purchasing our first Shiloh Shepherd “Chewbacca” in 1998.

  • DNA testing of parentage is an important part of the Shiloh Shepherd breed. Our Shilohs not only had DNA on file with Stormont Laboratories, but they have new DNA on file with UC Davis Laboratories, in California. Ridgewood believes that DNA testing should be continued and encourages all Shiloh Shepherd breeders and Registries to continue this program.
  • OFA HEART CERTIFICATION: Recently we started to heart certify our Shiloh Shepherds. Heart certification is listed on each dogs page under their statistics. Heart certification for Shiloh Shepherds is a new program and we encourage all Shiloh Shepherd breeders to have their Shilohs examined by a canine Cardiologist. In an effort to continually improve our breed we are now performing holter monitor testing and an echo on our breeding Shilohs.
  • HIP X-RAYS: All of our breeding Shiloh Shepherds have been hip x-rayed. We believe that breeding good to better hips will eventually help to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia in this breed. We do some OFA x-rays, but prefer Penn Hip x-rays. Hip X-ray results are listed under each dog, and we always supply a copy of these results to any potential puppy buyer for their records. Unfortunately, an occasional case of hip dysplasia will show up even with all that we do to breed certified Shilohs. We guarantee our puppies hips and health.
  • OTHER HEALTH TESTING: We have started to do elbows, thyroid, TLI and eye certification, DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) DNA testing on our upcoming breeding Shiloh Shepherds. Test results are listed under each dogs statistics and puppy buyers are given copies of testing. If you have any questions as to the type of testing we do on our dogs, please contact us.

Ridgewood Shilohs works hard to maintain a relationship with our puppy buyers for the life of our puppies. We become a family and are here to assist and help clients at all times.

Are you interested in becoming part of the Ridgewood Shiloh Shepherd Family?? Don’t hesitate to contact us!!!!!

Raising Our Puppies

All of our puppies are raised in our home. We have no kennels or outside runs. Our dogs are only in crates to eat!

We also start crate training your puppy so it will sleep at night when you take it home.